1. Use audio and video streams from an employee workplace

2. Analyze each customer interaction using neural networks

3. Provide analytics and guidance for employee performance improvement

Provide analytics and guidance for employee performance improvement

System Capabilities

Heedbook helps to create customer service management system, optimize workload and increase cross-sales

How often is a customer offered an additional product?

Before Heedbook implementation


Low cross-sales, lost opportunity and profit. In average, additional products are only offered in 8% of dialogues.

After Heedbook implementation


Heedbook enables a company to:
- Monitor sales script adherence
- Analyze customer response to special offers
- Share successful sales practices

As a result, an additional product is offered in 20% of dialogues

What is the level of customer satisfaction?

Before Heedbook implementation


Employees' failure to follow standards and service scripts, resulting in loss of customers. The average customer satisfaction is only 57%

After Heedbook implementation


Heedbook enables a company to:
- Rank employees according to service quality
- Prevent conflicts with customers
- Watch video recordings of client meetings

The system provides an increase (up to 82%) in customer satisfaction

How much time do employees spend on customers?

Before Heedbook implementation


Employees spend a small amount of time on customers. During the day, employees serve customers only 37% of working time.

After Heedbook implementation


Heedbook enables a company to:
- Determine the exact time spent on customers
- Rank employees according to efficiency
- Get personal recommendations for each employee

Increase time spent on working with clients up to 60% of total employee working time

How effectively do a company communicate with customers?

Before Heedbook implementation


Retail space is underutilized.
There is no personalized offer for each customer.
Most retail outlets do not show targeted advertising to customers.

After Heedbook implementation


Heedbook enables a company to:
- Target ad to specific customers and analyze advertising efficiency
- Conduct surveys and get feedback
- Sell Programmatic advertising

Show custom ads in 100% of client dialogues and sell your ad spaces to the partners.

Interfaces for all types of communication

The system works with different types of devices. Choose an option that suits your company's needs.

Use benchmarking to compare your company's results with the industry average level

Experience of using the Heedbook service in different countries allows you to collect and implement the best international business practices in various areas of service


100% coverage of client meetings

The system records the employee's working day and offers a detailed analysis of all client dialogues characterized by high information content and high accuracy of measurements.

Working in background mode

Heedbook does not prevent employees from performing successfully, does not distract customers and measures customer satisfaction in real time.

Automated data processing

The system process information automatically and does not require manual entry. Heedbook provides objective data in real-time.

Field of application

Any company with face-to-face customer service can use Heedbook to improve business efficency. First of all, our service will be useful for:

Here's how customers use Heedbook. Watch the video > >

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