Customer Satisfaction Software

Analyzing results of facial emotion recognition, verbal expressions, the content of the conversation with the employee and other parameters, Heedbook offers a complete range of services to measure overall customer satisfaction with the quality of service. Information is provided in the context of customers, employees and offices of the company.

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Best method for measuring service quality

Our clients don't need to wait till their customers answer an email survey or a phone call - Heedbook evaluates customer satisfaction during customer interactions and offers a detailed report of every employee without distortion.

100% of client dialogues

Assembling information from all dialogues, system provides a detailed report about the service quality characterized by high information content and high accuracy of measurements.

Customer Service Gamification

Heedbook automatically analyzes various parameters of customer service, compiles rankings of the best and the worst employees, graphically demonstrates workload distribution within a day and a week.

How does it work?

Receive a live video and audio stream

An employee logs into the system via Internet browser on desktop or via mobile app on smartphone and starts recording video.

Analyze information with neural networks

Information is processed by the systems of intelligent recognition of emotions, speech (for 23 languages) and other parameters.

The system doesn't require additional server hardware or any other equipment. You need only a desktop with a webcam or a smartphone, the Internet access and a browser to get started.

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