Increase your trading area profitability


Show advertising campaigns to target customer groups

In real time the system determines the customer's gender and age and demonstrates the target product according to the specified parameters. Showing an advertising campaign, Heedbook automatically analyzes the customer's attention and emotions caused by advertising.


Recognize returning customers

Without delay Heedbook sends to the employee's device online notifications about unique or returning clients. Based on the previous reactions to the demonstrated ad content, a personal advertising campaign can be set for existing customers.


Increase business margins

The system allows companies to sell media space and show target customer groups the partners' advertising. Create a target content on the partners' devices and monetize new channels to attract customers.


Get feedback

Heedbook helps to conduct customer surveys, test new products and ideas. Enrich the company's accounting systems with knowledge about customers and automate the processes of client base formation.


Manage digital advertising at points of sale

The system provides companies with centralized advertising management system in the points of sale.Set up advertising campaigns to the devices in the trading area and enjoy a high-speed connected network of digital media.

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