Monitor employee workload

The system allows companies to determine the exact number and duration of client interactions. Having information about the average duration of dialogues and the total number of client meetings, companies manage to adjust employee schedule better.


Save up to 7% on payroll costs by improving scheduling and workload allocation

Measure employee productivity

Heedbook rates the most active employees based on the number and duration of their dialogues. It allows companies imrove employee motivation strategies and optimize workload allocation in the company.



Predict peak loads and downtime

With Heedbook companies can find out information about daily or weekly changes related to the number of client interactions and their average. Using comprehensive statistics on all client meetings, companies can adjust employee schedule and workload allocation based on peak load and downtime assessments of employee work performance.


Help employees grow

After analyzing 100% of client interactions, Heedbook automatically creates a set of personal recommendations in order to improve service quality, operational efficiency and cross-selling. It identifies development needs of each employee.

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