Increase cross-selling

Increase cross-selling

The system automatically recognizes the employee's and the customer's speeches, counts the number of additional product offerings and analyzes the keyword frequency. Heedbook provides a full text record of each employee-customer dialogue and compiles the employee rankings according to the quality of script adherence (x-sell & up-sell).


Analyze customers reactions

Heedbook analyzes customer emotions after upselling and cross-selling and helps companies improve their sales scripts and increase sales.



Identify customer profile

In real time the system divides customers into groups according to different attributes: gender, age and other specified parameters. Heedbook determines customer profiles, even if they are not logged in the system.


Use best sales techniques

After analyzing a statistically significant number of dialogues, the system identifies sales best practices and increases knowledge sharing in the company. With Heedbook, you can check what recommendations are the most popular at the company, department or employee level. Video recordings of successful conversations can be used to prepare training sessions for the employees.



Measure sales conversion rate

Collect qualified data to enrich the internal accounting systems. Managers and supervisors can use a specially designed and flexible customizable API for integration with management systems. It allows companies to export videos and data related to the number of dialogues, customer satisfaction score, emotions and other information obtained from the system.

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