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Exact number of dialogues and their duration

Having information about the average duration of a dialogue and total quantity of customer meetings you can predict the client flow in every company office depending on the time of day and the day of week.

Ranking employees according to work load

Heedbook compiles rankings of the most proactive employees judging the quantity and the duration of their dialogues with customers. It allows you to optimize workload distribution in the company and improve the personnel motivation system.

Image Efficiency clients served
Image Efficiency traffic chart

Workload assessment

Statistical data on all customer meetings provide some insight into workload and help you correct work schedule in your office.

Analyzing the employee ranking system and watching video of employee-customer dialogues you can identify the best and the worst practices of customer service in your company. Heedbook allows you to improve the quality of customer service in your company by working with poor employee performance.

Script adherence

The system automatically monitors employee script adherence and reports on the frequency of use of mandatory and forbidden words, phrases of gratitude and fillers.

Image Efficiency script ussage
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Push-notification about frontline events

Heedbook sends push-notification to the manager about frontline events. Learn about the time when your employee starts working or about any emergency situations in real time.

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