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Emotion recognition app

With our mobile app you can evaluate and improve service quality, cross-selling of field employees.

Working in background mode

Mobile App works in the background and doesn't affect other programs.

Minimum Internet Speed Required (from 1 MB/s).

Image mobile app smartphone in hands
Image mobile app smartphone in another hands

Compatible with a large number of external cameras

Mobile App works with the most common web cameras. The camera is connected via a standard OTG interface. We highly recommend you use our Heedbook webcam because it provides the best quality of shooting and mobility.

For Android > v. 4.0.

Where can you use mobile app heedbook?




stuff of delivery service

State-owned enterprises


Beauty salons, clinics and hotels


Restaurants and cafes

waiters and managers
State-owned enterprises

Transportation companies

booking clerks

Get it on Google Play Available for free on Google Play

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