Happy customers and high profit

According to research, a 5% increase in retention increases profits by up to 50% and more.

Today evaluating quality management systems don't provide companies with a comprehensive and objective knowledge of the service quality, as they don't cover 100% employee-customer dialogues. Companies don't have an opportunity to monitor the level of customer service through regular evaluation.

Customers get tired of growing number of surveys and their loyalty is decreasing. Meanwhile, the average response to such surveys doesn't exceed 10-15%.

The future lies in measuring customer satisfaction in real time

Heedbook processes a video and audio stream from a webcam or a mobile phone of a front-line employee in background mode, analyzes more than 20 various parameters of a dialogue and gives detailed analytics of the service quality.

What does the system measure?

Client's behaviour

Facial emotion detection

Heedbook recognizes 8 different types of emotions and composes an emotional map of the dialogue.

Attention to dialogue

Analyzing eye-movement traces and head rotations the system determines how long the customer stays attentive to the conversation with the employee.

Deep linguistic analysis

Heedbook measures the average tone of voice and speech rate, analyzes the length of pauses and specifies the percentage of positive intonations of the customer.

Video content analysis

The system determines the emotional context of the conversation. Heedbook recognizes 23 languages: English, Chinese, Spanish and many others.

Socio - demographic characteristics

Heedbook analyzes customers by age and gender.


The system takes into account the type of company and the country.

Employee's behaviour

Script adherence

Heedbook carries out a linguistic analysis of the content of the dialogue and notes the use of key words by the employee during customer interactions.


The service defines a tone of the employee's voice, the speech rate and the proportion of silence in the conversation with the customer.


The system records duration of all dialogues and other parameters.

to what extent does service quality meet customer's expectation?

Heedbook gives the answer to this question taking into account all employee-customer dialogues. Specially trained neural networks determine the level of customers satisfaction then an employee and an expert in the area of customer service verify the results which guarantees the maximum reliability.

Track and measure employee performance

The system evaluates the employees according to various service quality indexes and compiles different rankings in real time. With Heedbook you can determines who is the best in making customers smile, who communicates more effectively with customers or who most often thanks customers for choosing your company.

Image quality of service employees rating
Image quality of service realtime stream

Supervising customer service in real time

Managers always wonder how the frontline customer service employees works with the customers. However, presence of manager or somebody else bothers both the customer and the employee, distorts the service process. Heedbook gives you an opportunity to connect to any workplace and supervise customer service in real time without interfering with the conversation between the employee and the customer.

Emotional analysis of customer feedback

There is no single approach to communicating with people whether we speak about long conversations in banks or short greetings at reception desk. Having sale script and information about how customer attention and emotions change during the conversation with the employee you can analyze how the use of different key words and phrases affect the level of customer satisfaction.

Image quality of service script ussage
Image quality of service dialogue video

Recording dialogues for mentoring

At any moment you can watch video recordings of employee-customer dialogues and rectify errors with the employee to improve customer service. Installation of a second microphone allows to separate the customer and the employee speeches and carry out more detailed dialogue analysis.

Customer loyalty management


Heedbook gives personal advice to the company's employees in order to improve the customer service quality. Having analyzed the dialogue, the system offers a set of tips to increase the efficiency of all customer interactions - greeting, establishing contact, identification of needs, consulting, cross-selling, completing transaction. Using our service, you can identify the most popular tips at the employee, office or company level.


After analyzing a statistically significant number of dialogues, Heedbook offers an individual set of practical measures in order to improve service standards, increase the efficiency of sale scripts and build better personnel motivation system. Experience in using the service in different countries allows you to collect and implement the world's best practices of customer service in various areas. International experience allows us to adopt best customer service practices in different fields.


Heedbook holds training sessions for the employees on the following topics: how to hire the right people for customer service, how to build a positive and collaborative team environment, how to find creative and efficient customer service solutions, how to improve business process. Learn more

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