Satisfaction evaluation during remote communication

Use all Heedbook’s benefits for conference and video calling. Now your employees do not need to meet customers in person. Our system receives a real-time video streaming from your computer monitor or mobile device and analyzes more than 20 dialogue parameters in real time. As a result, you receive a detailed analysis of the quality of remote customer service and consulting.

Videoconference service Heedbook
Works with all videoconferencing systems

Where can you use VC service Heedbook?


Consultations with specialists

Remote education

Tutoring and coaching

Help desk

Remote service support assistants

Image mobile app

Does not require any additional hardware and software

You need only a stable Internet connection, a conference system and a microphone to get started. Heedbook receives a real-time video streaming from the employee’s monitor and analyzes customer’s mimic emotions and attention. It also determines socio-demographic characteristics.

Works with mobile devices

Our service is available on all desktop, tablet and smartphone solutions. For mobile devices you need the Android operating system(> version 4.0).

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