Cross-sales script adherence

Being the most effective employee monitoring software Heedbook is also a great tool for drawing up best practices and writing best scripts. The service provides a full text record of the employee-customer dialogue, analyzes the frequency of the use of keywords and compiles the employee rankings according to the quality of use of sales scripts (x-sell & up-sell).

Image cross_sales_client_dialogue_mediascreen
It is estimated that use of Heedbook in a Russian Bank leads to 19% profit increase

Identification of customer profile

Every company wants to understand its customer profile, but identification is available only towards authorized customers. Heedbook makes it possible to analyze the profile of unauthorized customers. The system automatically analyzes customers by gender, age and other demographic parameters.

Image crosssales client profile
Image cross sales 7 steps of sales

Facial detection and semantic analysis to interpret mood

Using Heedbook you can track how the customer attention and emotions change when the employee uses special words and phrases of cross-selling and analyze the conditions under which the employees managed to conduct the most successful transactions.

Image media screen

Targeted advertising

The Heedbook Mediascreen integrates with the employee's computer and allows you to demonstrate product or service advertising according to the customer gender and age. Also, it can show the personalized product recommendations to the customer.

  • Integrated microphone separates the employee and the customer speeches
  • Sends push-notifications about the personalized product recommendations for the customer
  • Tracks the customer attention to the media content and emotional reaction to advertising
  • Doesn't require additional communication channel and power supply
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