You need only a browser, Internet channel from 0.8 Mb/sec, free USP port, a wide-angle webcam with a built-in stereo microphone. For better For best results, purchase our Heedbook webcam or Mobile Heedbook webcam for smartphones.
Heedbook is compatible with Chrome (> v.21), Firefox (> v.17) and Opera ( >v.18).
Sign in and add information about your employees. An automatic email with personal username and password is sent to all employee users by the system. An employee just needs to log into Heedbook account (https://heedbook.com) and starts recording a video by pressing a green 'Start' button at the main panel.
Download our mobile app from Google Play, sign into the system and connect the Mobile Heedbook Cam via OTG connector. Our webcam is recognized automatically by the smartphone, so an employee only has to start shooting a video through the mobile application.
If your Internet traffic il less than 100.000 hours, you can pay online with your credit card. If you are going to buy more than 100.000 hours,please, contact us at info@heedbook.com. When you buy a lot of traffic the cost of an hour of service is reduced.
The system puts on hold dialogue recording and sends a push-notification to the manager with payment reminder. Access to the system will be temporarily limited.
In your personal account in the 'Staff' section enter the employee’s name and email. The employee is logged in automatically after clicking the email confirmation link. Once the email is confirmed, the employee can start using our service.
The system doesn’t store personal data. All data are processed in a depersonalized form. Heedbook ensures secure data transmission (TLS 1.2) and storage service encryption (SSE).
Heedbook neural networks accuracy is tested in more than 15.000 dialogues. Additionally, all results are verified by the company’s employee and by the expert in the spheres of customer service in order to guarantee the maximum reliability.

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