Company's mission and values

Why are a company’s values ​​and mission inseparably linked to the quality of services a company provides? Before answering this question, it is necessary to understand why a company needs a mission.

The mission of a company is the sense of its existence in addition to making money. It determines where the company goes and what its future perspectives will be. In fact, it is the guideline for a company’s decision taking and its future development. The mission defines the strategy and, ultimately, the role the company wants to play in society. It is exactly why the mission of many successful companies is expressed by some emotional statement.

Facebook: To bring the world closer together

Virgin: Changing business for good

Corporate culture in this way determines the sense and the model of the employees’ performance regardless of their position or responsibilities in a company. The principles embedded in the corporate culture find their reflection in communication of employees within the organization as well as in communication of employees with company’s customers.

Therefore, the rules of behavior in a client-oriented company should be determined simultaneously for employees and customers. For example, the popular statement «I treat the Client the way I want to be treated», equally refers to both employee – employee and employee – customer relationship. This, of course, does not deny the necessity to define a few simple and common principles of customer service each employee is perfectly aware of.

The VTB principles can be a good example:

  1. I understand clearly that my salary is paid by the Client
  2. I treat the Client the way I want to be treated
  3. I work in the way to encourage the Clients to recommend our Bank.

At the same time, recent studies of the largest consulting companies have proved that the common principles of high-quality service are subjected to some simple rules. In particular, KPMG Nunwood analysis based on a survey of more than 920 brands around the world, with almost 1 million customers interviewed, shows that world leading companies usually follow six basic principles. These six principles are crucial to provide excellent customer service ratings and tremendously facilitate company’s growth. They are common for all leading global companies and are not followed by the companies not having been able to adapt to the demands of modern society. They are as follows:

  • Personalization
  • Integrity
  • Time & Effort 
  • Expectations 
  • Resolution
  • Empathy

Therefore, to improve the quality of company’s service globally, it is necessary to ensure that high quality service is embraced by the mission.


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