High technologies of customer service

Today evaluating quality management systems don't provide companies with a comprehensive and objective knowledge of the service quality, as they don't cover 100% employee-customer dialogues. Companies don't have an opportunity to monitor the level of customer service through regular evaluation. To understand the loyalty of their customer database companies have to use several quality assessment technologies. At the same time, clients get tired of growing number of surveys. It gives the opposite effect and reduces the level of customers' loyalty.

Innovative technologies in the field of artificial intelligence allow to solve this problem. Rapid development of machine learning methods and usage of neural network algorithms give developers an ability to create cognitive services for emotions and attention detection, speech-to-text recognition, sentiments evaluation, and others. 

Analyzing the customer's emotions, verbal expressions, the content of the conversation with the employee and other parameters, Heedbook offers a complete range of services to measure overall customer satisfaction with the quality of service. Heedbook receives and analyzes video and audio stream from a webcam on the employee's workplace and processes it by the systems of intelligent recognition of emotions, speech and other parameters. Information is provided in the context of customers, employees and offices of the company.

Heedbook is not just a service for the customers loyalty evaluation. The system also allows to rank employees according to service quality and workload, to analyze which words and phrases cause positive or negative customer reactions, to control the scripts adherence. Having the exact information about the dialogues' duration and the total quantity of customer meetings you can improve customer experience and business processes in your company. In addition, analysis of customers' reaction to special offers and determination the frequency of key words usage help to control and increase cross-selling.

Heedbook makes possible to supervise the customer service in real time, to watch video recordings and read texts of employee-customer dialogues for mentorship and coaching, to receive PUSH-notifications about events on the front-line. The usage of service allows to significantly increase the efficiency of service quality management through minimal maintenance costs.

In near future the implementation of such systems will be one of the main trends on the quality evaluation market. Technologies providing the automatization of traditional processes of employee-customer collaboration and reducing its' costs are already tested and implemented in leading companies. Such systems create a competitive advantage over current quality assessment technologies. Knowledge obtained from neural networks help companies all over the world to gather data, make conclusions, develop recommendations to increase the level of customer service and extend the number of loyal customers.


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