How artificial intelligence can make your customers happier and sales offices more effective

Retail chain or service management is a very challenging task. As an owner, one always wants that everything will be analyzed and monitored, employees will be effective and clients will be satisfied.

In the 1990s companies started implementing CRM systems for managing all customer interactions, in the 2000s they accumulated the history of all interactions with clients over all channels. Now it’s time for business to implement artificial intelligence tools to increase sales and customer loyalty.

A dialogue between an employee and a customer in the point of sales is a very important issue which should be analyzed from all sides and today new technologies give one such an opportunity.

Heedbook service analyzes video from an employee’s workplace all day long. The system receives video- and audio- streams from a computer web-cam or a tablet camera aimed at the customer service area and understands what happens, namely:

  1. Customer’s presence in front of the employee
  2. Customer profile
  3. Customer’s behavior
  4. Facial expressions, attention, pose
  5. Intonations, interruptions, speech pace, silence (pauses)
  6. Essence and emotionality (positivity) of the dialogue, presence of trigger words such as swear words
  7. Employee’s behavior — intonations, presence of words related to loyalty, cross-sales, mandatory phrases and greetings.

As a result, the system analyzes the recorded video of the dialogue and “lays out” the working day of the sales office manager in detail, demonstrates the employee workload allocation, the level of customer satisfaction with the service and the number of x-sales offers made by the manager. All video recordings of dialogues and their transcripts remain for analysis and mentoring in the system. From thousands of analyzed dialogues the system prepares detailed reports on the employee performance, office and company efficiency.

As a result, the head of the office or the entire chain has an online interface which shows what happens in the points of sales and one, based on this information, can make a lot of useful business conclusions.

For example, how much time do you think your employees spend on client work? 60%, 80% of working time? Unfortunately, the employees serve clients less than 40% of working time. And it’s not just because of their laziness, it’s because of ineffective business process management or lack of incoming client traffic.

The case with the well-known service provider Yota is a good example how Heedbook managed to help the company to understand better the retail sales performance and improve it.

As a result of the implementation of the service, customer satisfaction indicators increased by 1.2 times in 2 months, and the share of consultations with the cross-offer increased by 3 times to 35%.

Coming to any store, cafe or bank, we want to be quickly and efficiently served and it’s great that we live in a time when artificial intelligence technologies realize our dreams of an ideal service.

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