Frequently asked questions


I’m a small business owner. Can I use your service?

Yes, sure. If you have face-to-face customer service, our service will be a perfect tool to improve your business. For this, you need access to the Internet, a working webcam and a microphone.

I’m running own business. Having monitored several customer-employee interactions, I’m sure that there is no problem with the customer service. However, sales are low. Can your service boost my sales?

Our service provides you with comprehensive analysis of all customer meetings and checks your employees’ script adherence. That complex data helps you to objectively evaluate employee performance and identify all weaknesses.

Can I get your consulting to increase sales?

Yes, sure. We can help you to improve performance of your front-line employees and the level of customer service. Also, analyzing data provided by Heedbook, you can personally control customer satisfaction and quality of service.

How can I track cross-selling with your service?

Our service allows you to download a list of key words which should be tracked in all conversations with customers. As a result, after each dialogue with a client you can see the whole number of key words which have been used and the share of dialogues with an additional product offering.

How does your service determine the level of customer satisfaction?

Our service analyzes, along with others metrics, emotional map of the dialogue, attention to the dialogue, speech rate, tone of voice, positive intonations, length of pauses. On the basis of processed data you can make an objective assessment of customer satisfaction.

Can I see how much time my employees spend on client work?

Yes. Heedbook calculates it up to a minute.

Can I find an answer to the question to what extent service quality meets customer expectations?

Yes. In the reports on service quality provided by Heedbook you can find the index which shows the level of customer satisfaction.

I don’t have time to teach my employees how to use this service. Is Heedbook hard to use? How much time does it take to understand the system?

Heedbook works in background mode and doesn’t interfere with performance of the employee’s direct duties. To launch the system your employee should open our service in the browser, start video recording and minimize the browser window.


Can I use your service without the Internet?

To start the system, you need a browser with the Internet channel from 0.8 Mb/sec for a working place. It allows us to get audio and video streams in HD quality in real time.

Do I need to install any additional software on my computer?

Heedbook does not require additional software installation. You only need a browser (Chrome > v.21 или Firefox > v.17 и Opera >v.18) and access to our website.

What are minimum system requirements?

The Internet channel from 0.8 Mb/sec for a working place, a wide-angle (preferably) webcam with high-quality audio recording (we recommend Heedbook Cam or Genius WideCam F100)

Is it possible to record the employee’s speech separately?

By default, Heedbook records and analyzes audio through one microphone (generally, built in a web-cam), however, you can use the second microphone for a separate recording of your employee.

How soon will I see analytical results in the system?

Heedbook provides operational data analysis in real time, a part of information is processed asynchronously, but the total time of data procession does not exeed 24 hours.

How can I integrate Heedbook with ERP / CRM system of the company?

The service is easily integrated with the company's systems using API tools. An example of the basic API is presented in the documentation

The service is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and the service API can be customized to specific customer requirements.

Can I use video-audio data recorded by Heedbook for the second time for other business tasks?

You can reuse the recorded video and audio in any manner you need (for example, Heedbook selects the best picture of a client’s face, so you don’t need to take an extra photo of the client).

How long do you store the recorded data?

The storage time is individually adjusted. It is 24 hours for raw data (video and audio streams) and 30 days for recorded dialogues.


How much does it cost your technical support?

We provide technical support via phone (+1 (424) 407 10 30 (US) +44 (203) 807 75 72 (UK) +7 (495) 128 03 20 (RU)) or email ( It is included in the price of our service and covers all issues related to our software efficiency.

How can I make a purchase order for your service?

You can write at or contact our manager via one of these telephone numbers: +1 (424) 407 10 30 (US) +44 (203) 807 75 72 (UK) +7 (495) 128 03 20 (RU).

How can I pay for your service?

You can pay for the service in your personal account by filling out a form with payment details. Also, you can contact us at and our manager will advise you about the payment. If you purchase a large number of licenses, the cost of the service is reduced.

How long will you process my application?

After you top up your account, you can immediately start work in the system.

Do you have a free trial?

Yes. We provide you with the 5-day free trial to test our service.


How do you ensure data security?

We use hypertext transfer protocol secure protocol (HTTPS). When we transfer your information over the Internet, we use the SHA-256 Cryptographic Hash Algorithm, the SSL-protocol for encrypting data transferred between two computers, two-factor authentication for back-end access to the storage according to SAK technology, read protection and write protection (for SAS data files) with key regeneration each client session at the back-end level, isolated storages. The transferred stream files are also stored encrypted, accessed only by one-time SAK, access to API data only by role-based JWT tokens.

Personal information

What kinds of information do you collect?

Heedbook collects video and audio recordings which our service analyzes. This may include data related to facial and vocal expressions, information about the location where the recordings were made. It’s important to notice that data mentioned above is stored separately from any personal information by which the subjects could be identified. Moreover, we anonymize Personal Information so that it will no longer be considered Personal Information.

We collect information that does not reveal a specific identity or does not directly relate to an identifiable individual, such as browser information, information collected through cookies, pixel tags, web beacons and other technologies.

We also may collect name, postal address (including billing address), email address, organization and job function, login ID, PIN or other Password for access to certain content on the Site.

How do you use this information?

We use this information:

  • to improve the quality of the service provided
  • to measure employee performance and track script adherence
  • to deliver targeted advertising
  • to determine the effectiveness of promotional campaigns
  • to get feedback in a customer satisfaction survey or for market research purposes

We may use this information:

  • to respond to customers’ inquiries and fulfill their requests
  • to send to customers important information regarding our website, and changes to our terms, conditions, and policies and/or other administrative information.
  • to complete and fulfill customers’ purchase
  • to allow customers to register for or take advantage of various opportunities
  • to send marketing communications that we believe may be of interest to our customers
  • to develop new products, enhance our website and improve our service
How can I manage my personal information retained by Heedbook?

You are free at any time to access, edit or delete your personal information you have provided. Please, contact us

Do I need to get a special permission for video recording?

It is generally lawful to film people where there is no expectation of privacy, such as a shopping mall or other public places. Most video recordings are legal with or without consent. However, we strongly recommend you to put a warning sign in the shooting areas which notify your customers about video and audio recordings. Upon customer’s request, video recording can be stopped during his/her/its conversation with your employee.

Updates and new versions

How often do you update your service? Can your updates affect my business?

We update our service after hours. All updates affect your business only in positive way. If there is any malfunction our managers immediately restore the service.

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